About Us

Hi! I am Noelia, from Argentina and as you can see I LOVE making Jewelry!
I have a 1 year old baby girl, her name is Indie Mae and the most amazing husband in the world his name is S, he is from Australia we are currently living in Utah.
When I was pregnant I became obsessed with a "mama" necklace that I saw but it was too expensive. Since then I became interested in learning more about personalized jewelry because of the special meaning that they have and I started researching how I could provide these meaningful necklaces at a more affordable price.
After I had my baby I became a stay at home mom and finally found the time to train myself on how to make pieces that are meaningful and delicate.
My husband encouraged me to start a business and that's how nrbjewelry became real. I have been selling pieces since November and I absolutely love reading what each piece means to you!